Fog and the Mysterious Vale

Death House

After adventuring into a forest and getting lost in a deep fog, Torrin, Loman and Ander find themselves in a mysterious vale surrounded by an enclosing fog.

They approach a large, white Victorian style townhouse with two children standing outside the wrought iron gates of the house.

After speaking with the young girl Rose and her younger brother Thorn, they discover that their baby brother is still in the house and there is a monster in the house.

Ander, Loman and Torrin enter the house and explore the first two floors. Torrin won a hand to hand combat encounter with a suit of ornamental Animated Armor and bravely fought with a cursed broomstick narrowly escaping being gored and turning it into match sticks, much to the entertainment of Ander.

Meanwhile, Loman had discovered a secret room and had passed on a deed to the house, a nearby windmill and a letter written with disdain.

After securing a master bedroom, the party barricaded the door and made rest for the night



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