Dreams and Dismemberment


Awaking in their soft feather beds the party opens their eyes to the dawn of morning.

Confused and dazed, the awake and make their way downstairs to the common room of the Fallen Staff Inn and are greeted by a familiar face.

Loman O'Carra greets the party, and notices their troubled and confused faces. They recount their dreams. Startled by the seemingly shared dream, Frug showed the innkeeper scars on his back and the stained linen shirt where the trapped door had carved him up. The wound, while appearing healed, still showed signs of being a relatively new wound.

Eberk interrupts the recount, questioning Loman if he had seen Ander and where he might be. His belonging were not present in the room, and the bed looked slept in.

"Ander left in a huff this morning, muttering to himself below his dark hooded robe. He burst out the door before the break of dawn while the bakers were still busy preparing breakfast."

Loman returned to the puzzled party, with serving trays of bacon, warm bread and fresh fruit, and continued, "Eberk, Father Philibert had sent a fledgling cleric while you were sleeping. Said that the Father was aware of your arrival and would like to speak with you."

The party finished breakfast, and thanked Loman for his hospitality. Continuing into the streets of Farwater and hustle and bustle of the trade center.

A small trading city and port town, Farwater is nestled south east of the Bracken Ridge, on the shores of the River Lars. The convenience of the merchant ships and the close proximity to Winterhaven by road makes this a town that lives and breaths on trade. A church of Lathander, a blacksmith and a large market square encompass most of the large buildings as the party follows the trading wagons into the center of town. A large red shingled roofed house lies beyond the square, and the church of Lathander to the east.

After liquidating some of the treasure found in the dream but not a dream world, and a confrontation about a small soft bag made from human skin, the party headed towards the church. Eberk and Frug working their way across the square, a cutpurse tried to rob Eberk, but was apprehended and spared by Frug's mercy.

After arriving at the church, Father Philibert was roused by Sister Agnus, a small frail woman who oversees the day to day running of the church and menial tasks.



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