Death and Undeath

Death House

After awaking from a lengthy rest, the party leaves the un-barricaded master bedroom and continued to explore the house making their way to the remaining room. Upon further investigation (and some butter fingers by Torrin) a large mirror was smashed and a specter dressed in nurses clothes descended on the party.

The party fought bravely against the undead monstrosity, but Ander; a cleric of Lathander was felled. Loman and Torrin lashed out in vengeance, expelling the specter. After mourning, the party continued after removing valuables from Ander's still warm body. Loman and Torrin enter the adjoining nursery and discover and empty crib with no sign of Thorn and Rose's supposed baby brother. After returning to the nurse maids quarters, Torrin discovered a hidden passageway to the attic of the well kept but seemingly abandoned house.

After entering their attic, Loman heard the sounds of footsteps from the floor below and the yelling of a man in grieving. Torrin and Loman readied their weapons and happened upon a stout dwarf. After a tense situation and a diffusing of the situation, Eberk, a follower of Lathander and companion of Ander joins the party to cleanse the house and avenge Ander.

The newly formed party stumbled upon a locked door in the attic, and after a failed attempt and using some thieves tools found in the house, Torrin remembered a key he had found early and removed the lock.

Upon entering the room, a realization pours over the party as they discover the skeletons of two small children, that the children found earlier were not what they seemed.

Torrin's innate curiosity lead him to play with a small model windmill in the room and awaking the spirit of the boy Thorn.

Loman with his weapon at the ready and Torrin drawing his great sword, was stopped by Eberk, who amidst new companions and a potentially terrifying situation calmed the ghost of Thorn. After a quick discussion, Rose in her spiritual form appeared, and after some clever phrasing from Torrin, showed the party a very intricate doll house. Closer inspection showed a secret entrance across the hall that had not been discovered.

After exiting the room, and barely escaping the intrusion of spirits into their body, the party discovers the entrance to the basement and enters the cold, dark, earth below.

A dull hum of noise echoes through the dark as the party navigates the labyrinth below the town house. The party enters a section of a family crypt and proceeds to perform deeds of grave robbery.

Unfortunately for Torrin, the final crypt tomb has been filled will hundreds of centipedes. After an a successful extermination effort they continue into a large abandoned dining room. Torrin's continued bad luck has a Grick drop from a high shelf while raiding a larder.

After a short rest, the party continues through the labyrinth the chants grow louder and louder. Upon a cross roads they are ambushed by a gang of four ghouls who were more enthralled in eating their fallen comrade than attacking the party.

The newly born kleptomaniac Torrin starts raiding an adjoining bedroom and startles a man eating mimic wardrobe.

After stumbling into an abandoned room, Eberk's curiosity with a foot locker at the end of the bed. This awakens a pair of Ghasts that were the previous owners of the house, Elizabeth and Gustav Durst.

After felling their foes, they secure the room, and Loman takes watch while Eberk and Torrin take the bed for some well deserved rest. 

Upon waking, Loman was no where to be found



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