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- Majority of the populace are elves, dwarves and humans

- Racial diversity is mostly only in larger cities, while outlying areas are prominently one race (elves in the forest, dwarves in the mountains, humans in foot hills and flat lands)

- Dwarves are treasure hungry, honor driven warriors. They have invented basic firearms (Single shot rifles). They are revered practical metal workers (armor, weapons)

- Gnomes are more practical engineers creating small devices and things to make life easier. Things like batteries (infused lightning sources), lights, water pumps, etc

- Elves are secretive, and quiet people. They are knowledgeable in magic and make extremely magical weapons, armor and magical items. They are hospitable to others, but not overtly friendly to other races. They are masters of the elements of their environments (Close to a volcano -> Fire, Ancient Forest -> Nature/ Earth, Close to a cove/ocean -> Water)

-Dragonborn, Tieflings, Halforcs are rare and treated with caution


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